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Spelling out your rights and responsibilities

Tuesday, 30 May 2023.
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License terms for downloading e-books

This may seem unnecessary, but I felt that I should spell this out anyway. The e-books on this site are provided for your own personal, devotional use. The fact that I'm giving them away free on this website does not mean that I waive my rights as an author.

You may give away electronic copies to friends but I would not expect you to print them out for wider free distribution (possibly for use with a small group Bible study or as a handout for a congregation) without at least letting me know. Feel free to use the contact form on this website.

You are not allowed to sell them, either individually or part of a compilation in printed or electronic form, or to distribute them from a website where people have to pay for access to them.

You are, however, free to link to this website for people to download the e-books, with one importan caveat: I reserve the right to redirect web traffic that appears to be taking egregious advantage of my generosity.

The e-books are supplied 'as-is' with no guarantees of quality or promises of wealth beyond the dreams of avarice if you follow the principles outlined in them. But look on the bright side, I'm not threatening you with a life of untold misery should you download an ebook and not get round to reading it either.

By downloading the ebook you also agree to not hold me responsible for any distress, or loss you experience which you might somehow connect with reading a free ebook downloaded from a website. This includes, but is not limited to: catching a computer virus, being offended by a joke, the untimely death of your pet hamster or the anxiety caused by excessive material prosperity.

On a more serious note, if you do find yourself in a position where the ideas and thoughts in my e-books lead you to asking questions about God, faith, eternal life and your purpose in the universe, don't hesitate to talk over your concerns with an experienced Christian pastor or counsellor who can help you make sense of it all.

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