Inspiring you to pray: 1

The Bible isn’t just a collection of heart-warming stories. More importantly it gives us clues on how other people, just like us interacted with a real God who knew their […]

God’s Goodness: Consistent and Dependable

If you believe that God is, by definition, good; then that conviction must include a faith in a God who is not capricious, who does not leave you in any […]

Inspirational Verses for Weddings – 1

Jesus was an invited guest at a wedding in Cana – you can read about it in John ch.2 v.1-11. It’s an interesting story for a number of reasons. John […]

Pivotal Points – 3

Acts ch.9 begins in a startling way. Saul sets out to destroy the church, but instead encounters Jesus in a miraculous way. However, it is Ananias who catches my attention. […]

Pivotal Points – 2

The knowledge of God’s glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. ┬áIt’s a powerful statement – implying that the aim of God’s kingdom is not for […]

Pivotal Points – 1

There are some passages in the Bible which make a specific point abundantly clear. Many people memorise John ch.3 v.16 as it sums up the purpose of Jesus’ mission succinctly. […]

Promises Revisited…

Acts ch.1 v.8 tells us “ will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” It’s a promise with a purpose. We receive power precisely because we have a […]

A God of Surprises

By definition, God will always surprise us – by turning up in unexpected ways, not acting in a way we could predict or control. After all, He is God. He […]

The Purpose of Blessing – Revisited

The saying is familiar. God blesses us, so we in turn can bless others. It’s at the heart of the sentiment behind the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles ch.4 […]

The Power of God’s Love – 2

Continuing an exposition of John ch.3 v.16: “so loved” – God’s main attribute, the one word that gives most insight into His nature and the way He works through us, […]

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