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Tuesday, 30 May 2023.
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Your Privacy Matters

Inevitably, you can expect some personal data to be collected at this site and its associated websites. Aggregate data may be made available to potential advertisers. However, it will not be possible to determine any individuals' browsing habits from this information.

Those of you who respond with feedback and who indicate that you would like to be know more about my work may be given the opportunity to join a mailing list purely for the purpose of keeping you up to date with significant developments with the E-vangel project.

If you choose to purchase licencse for copying and distributing Bible study resources from some of the other E-vangel project, your credit card details will be processed by 2Checkout - you may see a reference to on your statement in relation to your purchase. This is the name I gave to the site I set up to co-ordinate my educational webhosting projects.



Your personal data will not be rented or sold on to other parties. Neither will I use any mailing lists to pass on offers from third parties.

Advertisers who wish to promote complementary goods and services are welcome to use Google's contextual advertising service (adwords/adsense) on the pages of the E-vangel project sites where I have allocated adsense blocks.



Although I might not want or need your data, I cannot guarantee that Google or any third party whose adverts you choose to click on will respect your privacy to the same extent. You can be reasonably sure that your progress on some other sites you vist by clicking on advertising links will be tracked by cookies, but that should not alarm you.

Also, although I endeavour to ensure that my websites are clear of malware, there is always a minor risk involved - obviously I don't want to scare you away, but no-one can guarantee 100% that their weblog scripts and any widgets they use to add extra functions to them will be completely invulnerable to attack. I try to keep mine up to date as possible, but if you do think something is amiss, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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