Bible Verses

The Power to do God’s Will

There’s an interesting analogy in 2 Corinthians ch.4 v.7 – it refers to treasure in jars of clay. That on the outside, we’re normal, human beings just like anyone else. We’re nothing special. What we do, anyone could do.

But on the inside – that’s the difference. There’s a treasure inside each of us who takes that step of faith to develop a relationship with our creator. Without that treasure – without that connection with the Father, we’re nothing, we can achieve nothing.

But with Him – anything becomes possible. Meeting the needs of those around us when resources are scarce? No problem! Showing love and mercy to people society has thrown on the rubbish heap, healing bodies and emotions – nothing is too difficult!

The choice is ours – treasure trove or clay pot. On the outside, we all look the same. But it’s the content that counts, not the crumbling clay pot. What have you got inside? Do people know that the treasure is there?

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