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Inspirational Bible Verses to Bring Hope (3)

We have a hope. Not just any old wishful thinking; but a powerful living hope that focuses in on our eternal destiny and the impact that this has on the way we live now.

Peter put it well in 1 Peter ch.1 v.3-4 where he talks about a living hope – as it is based on the indisputable fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no room for it to die. By conquering death, Jesus has already demonstrated the reality and power of His promises.

We have an inheritance – what have we inherited? All that was Jesus’ before His death. The fact that He is alive again now, never to die again; is itself a key to our entitlement. Through His death, instead of just one person reaching out to reconcile humanity with its creator; Jesus is able to work through a multitude of heirs of salvation, each with a specific rle to play in bringing God an man back together in harmony.

Our inheritance cannot fade away or become spoiled over time because it is timeless. Our inheritance allows us to taste eternity in the moments we have. This is what motivates us in our quest to fulfil the destiny we have been given. We have seen the Lord, we have grasped at the infinite and will not be satisfied until we experience it in all its fulness.

And deep down, we know that this is inevitable. No matter how far away the resolution of any of our problems would appear now; we are convinced through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that goodness will prevail.

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