Bible Verses

Power to Care

The good news about Jesus Christ is not merely good news for each of us as individuals. When angels announced his birth to shepherds in Luke ch.2 v.14, it wasn’t to them alone – a small exclusive club. It was a call to all of us to respond to our Lord and Creator.

Fortunately for us, along with a responsibility to share the good news comes the power to do so – along with a motivation and the joy of participation in the unfolding of God’s eternal plan for all creation.

The good news is not just for a single exclusive club. Jesus’ birth was celebrated by Magi and shepherds. The transformation that comes from trusting Him is as relevant to the wealthy as it is to the poor. It applies to the both the simple and the wise. It is needed by both the sick ¬†and the healthy. What is more important is that we are not left in the same state as when we first ecountered the truth.

This is the liberating nature of the gospel. The unexceptional are welcome; and through Jesus they can achieve the extraordinary. But the gifted too have a place and a purpose – to see what they have to offer transcend the limits of their own abilities through the intervention of One who understands them and values them as unique individuals.

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