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A path to power

I’m not a big fan of dreams and visions. I write, so my artistry is with words, not pictures. Fortunately for me, the Good Book says “In the beginning was the Word” not “In the beginning was the image” – more seriously, our faith is not limited to what we can describe or imagine. If it was, we would be in trouble, as our thoughts and ideas alone are not big enough. We need a God who is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine. Fortunately, we have one. A God whose grace is not limited by our capacity to visualise a better reality for ourselves.

I don’t think I’ve worded that as well as I could. Which is supremely ironic. Not merely because I’m supposed to be good with words – being an expert at clear communication of complex ideas is my profession. But also because I was considering Acts ch.4 v.20 – where Peter and John explain that they cannot help spreading the good news about Jesus, and I saw an image of a river.

This illustrated perfectly what I wanted to explain about what it means to have faith in Jesus and experience His life-changing power. It is as if we are in a river, with clean water flowing over us. This is an immutable law – we cannot change it or prevent it. We can only live in the benefit of it. We can try to muddy up the water pour in waste through lying, cheating – add whatever sin comes to mind. It makes a mess – that’s the natural course it takes – but the moment we stop – the river flows through and cleans us up.

What we need to do is just stop trying to dirty the river up – just say no. And focus on experiencing the cleaning power of the water continually flowing. It’s our choice. We cannot help but be made clean.

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