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The Power of God’s Love – 2

Continuing an exposition of John ch.3 v.16: “so loved” – God’s main attribute, the one word that gives most insight into His nature and the way He works through us, for us and in our universe; is His love.

It does not define Him completely, or put Him in a box – He is too complex, too astounding, too powerful to fully comprehend or predict.

But the principles He reveals to us provide complete confidence in His consistency Рwe can have a certain faith that He will make His love known to us. How He does so, we can guess (sometimes wrongly), or listen to see if He will reveal more of His will to us.

It is no coincdence that this verse focuses on God’s love. Not His power, or wisdom or knowledge. For without love, these attributes would be pointless at best, a fearful tyrrany at worst.

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