Bible Verses

Pivotal Points – 3

Acts ch.9 begins in a startling way. Saul sets out to destroy the church, but instead encounters Jesus in a miraculous way. However, it is Ananias who catches my attention. His obedience is key to God’s unfolding plan.

We see only a small snapshot of this man’s life of faith. He has a vision – he doesn’t run off and tell everyone about how great he is because the Lord chooses to speak to him. Even more to the point, he argues with the vision. Would you say, “Sorry, Lord – I don’t think you quite understand the situation here…”?

More importantly, he does what he is told – but it is his character that speaks even more clearly through his actions. He doesn’t do the task grudgingly – he calls Saul “brother”. He doesn’t just pray for Saul to receive his sight back, he sees a deeper need and prays for him to receive the Holy Spirit.

It is not too much for us, even in these modern, sophisticated times; to expect God to direct us with the same clarity to achieve His purposes by obediently touching other people’s lives in the way he directs.

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