Bible Verses

Inspiration from John’s Gospel (2)

John ch.2 v.19 Destroy this temple…. – it was an odd thing to say. Many people misunderstood it. Was Jesus moving into the construction business on a grand scale? As one preacher I knew put it, “Restore a pretty building; and people will thank you for it. Restore the lives of people with no hope, no future; and you’re under suspicion as a subversive element – you threaten the cosy status quo!”

But there’s more to it than that. Jesus is claiming something much more important than the ablity to perform conjuring tricks with buildings or bones. He attacks our preconceptions on the nature of death death and His divinity with a simple, bold claim.

We’re human, we’re full of uncertainty with impossible questions that desperately clutch at answers from thin air. What happens when we die? Are the dead conscious? Do they cease to exist? Who, if anyone, has the right, the authority, the power to raise the dead?

Jesus’ statement is shocking in its impact. I wil raise it! You believe that only God can raise the dead? Good – then accept my Divine authority based on my resurrection. Simple – and to the point.

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