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God’s Goodness: Consistent and Dependable

If you believe that God is, by definition, good; then that conviction must include a faith in a God who is not capricious, who does not leave you in any doubt about His ultimate will and desire for your spiritual maturity. This is what James wrote about when he referred to God as not being like a shifting shadow in chapter 1 verse 17. sometimes it helps to define what you mean by clearly stating what it isn’t.

A god who continually changes his mind, who is inconsistent; cannot be placated or depended upon. You cannot make a bargain with such a despot, for there is no way of knowing if he would keep his side of any deal. Such a god is no better than blind chance. You could not even develop a relationship with such a monstrosity – for there would always be the nagging doubt that you were deluding yourself or being deliberately deceived.

Fortunately we have clear and unequivocal evidence that this is not our fate. Through Jesus’ resurrection and the power we receive through our faith in Him we can be certain of the consistent, dependable goodness of a God who has our interests in mind as we seek to fulfil His will here on earth.

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