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Who would be a prophet? (2)

Another popular misconception is that a prophet is selected because of his or her high degree of virtue. That this gift is somehow a reward for good behaviour. Even more dangerously, some imagine that the ability to prophesy somehow qualifies a person to be above reproach – that they can do no wrong – when nothing could be further from the truth.

Hosea was a poor choice of character when it came to selecting a marriage partner. David was an adulterer with blood on his hands, and yet he was given the privilege to speak of the Messiah coming from his own line. It may be scandalous to consider that the message of the coming king was entrusted to people who could fail so badly – but this is the whole point of grace. Our good conduct could never qualify us to speak on behalf of the almighty Righteous One. We would never measure up of our own merit.

However, despite of our obvious limitations, the falling short that seeks to destroy us from within, we can still perceive the reality of a loftier goal that inspires us out of despair. We may be failures, but we still see the hand of God shaping us to become extraordinary.

This is the message of Advent – that people like us encountered a God who is real, saw the truth that was to come and were faithful to the vision they captured, sharing good news and by doing so turned their weakness into strength for us to follow in the same way.

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