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Proverbs for Life

The beginning of wisdom – It’s a recurring theme throughout the book – but here it is, right at the start of Proverbs in verse 8 of chapter 1. We’re not just talking about a beginning in terms of time – although for man of us, that would also be true.

We’re also looking on the fact that the fear of the Almighty God is the source, or origin of our wisdom.

Perhaps we should explain more about fear here. For many of us, fear is universally associated with something bad – as if it is equivalent to unbelief. Fear is natural – it protects us from doing stupid things. We know that fire harms us if we come into contact with it the wrong way. We also know how useful it is. Therefore we cultivate a healthy respect for it – ensuring that we never put ourselves in a position of danger.

God is like that. We know that He is a perfect Judge who will always judge justly. Therefore we do not put ourselves into a position where we would merit experiencing His judgement on our lives. This was the purpose of the Law – as a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. Appreciation of our need for a saviour became the first step into accepting His lordship into our lives.

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