Bible Verses

Wisdom has its benefits…

Sticks and carrots, we were told – but carrots were a far better motivator. What’s in it for me? We would be asked. What was true about teaching earthly things was also the case for spiritual matters.

 An old, wise evangelist confided to me that no-one came to faith for entirely unselfish reasons. Some, because they wanted to save their sinful hides from the fires of Hell, others because they could see a great future for themselves unfolding as a great saint. The heart, above all, is deceitful. Fortunately, God is a god of grace, who overlooks our utter sinfulness even at the heart of redemption.

Now in Proverbs ch.3 we find out what’s in it for us if we stick to doing what is wise. Riches, health and a good night’s sleep.

More than that though – we find out a significant key in gaining wisdom (and therefore all its benefits); a teachable spirit. Without one, we’re doomed to the downward spiral of folly – with it, we can expect ever-increasing abundance…

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