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Consider her ways…

Much of Proverbs ch.6 deals with the issue of laziness. In verse 6 we are exhorted to learn from the ant. And certainly there is much to commend this – for by observing nature we often see spiritual truth applied. So, we see specialisation and delegation, we see prudence and co-operation. Most importantly, we see them getting on with the job at hand.

This is where verses 10-11 make particular sense.

It is all too easy to sit back, sleep and then wonder why everything else has overtaken you.

This is why Hebrews ch.10 v.38-9 is important.

But the righteous will live by faith. If he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him. But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the saving of the soul.

It makes the point clearly. Our activity and industry are a direct result of our faith in Jesus Christ. We do not act because of our fear of displeasure. Rather our good works, prompted by faith result in not only God’s pleasure, but our wholeness and maturity as we unfold our destiny

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