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Bible Verses on Inspiration (1)

2 Peter ch.1 v.21 puts it succinctly. The authors of the Bible were not relying on their own limited imaginations to come up with words that inspire us even now. Neither were they obediently scribbling down words dictated to them by an angel. They certainly weren’t writing automatically with blank minds while appearing to be possessed.

Instead, the authorship was a partnership – in the same way that the wind blows the sails of a boat whose captain chooses to steer it through a straight course. They were in full possession of all their faculties, but were empowered by the Holy Spirit, to allow His inspiration to speak through their thoughts and words – their languge, energised by Him to speak timeless truths for our benefit.

They could see by faith that there was more to what they were saying. They could only grasp imperfectly at an idea of the impact of those words, but it gave them strength to ensure that they fulfilled the responsibilities of their sacred calling. And now, we reap the benefits of their diligence.

The same advice given to followers of Jesus in the First Century speaks to us with the same clarity through the work of the same Holy Spirit who inspired their writing.

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