Bible Verses

Inspiration through preparation – know your Bible!

After the resurrection, Jesus’ followers met together. It is interesting to note that He chided them for their lack of faith. Did they not know the scriptures well enough? These same scriptures also revealed the next phase they would enter in.

This is the key to sucessful Christian living. Know your Bible. It will lift your faith – revealing both the ultimate destiny for the human race as well as individual guidance for the future for yourself. It will help you understand your present and interpret your past to see the hand of an all-powerful, almighty Creator at work – both in the big picture, and in your own small, but significant details.

The Bible catalogues the full spectrum of human experience of the divine. There is no experience outside of these bounds. Therefore to be prepared for the next phase of our own spiritual journey, we need look no further than its pages to inform ourselves of the nature of what to expect.

Our faith is shaped by our experience, which matches the revelation we have received in the page of the Bible.

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