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Easter Meditation (1)

When Easter is past, the chocolate eggs and bunnies consumed. It is time to reflect on what it all means.

Good Friday is not a pleasant occasion for many. The reality of blood, nails, thorns and suffering is too much to bear. However, the stark reality of sin is far worse. A deadly sickness of the soul requires a radical solution. This is what crucifixion is about.

To me though – there is more to Good Friday than sacrifice. It speaks of victory – at the darkest point when all seems to be lost, this is in fact the finest hour. This is the point where history is turned upside down – for nothing will ever be the same again.

The curtain rips, God’s home is now with men – there is no barrier to impede communication through the work of Jesus in reconciling the two. Through His death we receive eternal life through s relationship with a Heavenly Father. Before His death, we could not hope to stand before God – now we have a real hope for so much more.

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