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Learning to be positive

Romans ch.8 v.31 asks a question that demands a response. Normally, we look at the second half of the verse “If God is for us, who can be against us?” We know that the structure of the question leads us to an obvious answer. Nothing – no-one can prevail against the all-powerful will of our Creator, who has our best interests at heart.

Deep down however, we’re mentally ticking off the checklist of bugbears that haunt us. Things that do stand against us – if only in our imaginations. These are the target of the first half of the verse. What then shall we say in response to all of this?

The this, referred to is the affirmation of God’s call, God’s purpose and God’s unceasing commitment to fulfilling this in our lives. Fear and uncertainty may be a natural response to the question – if God is for us who can be against us? ┬ábut they arise as a result of not seeing the bigger picture for what it is.

The question arises as a result of our assurance of who we are – when we gain a greater perspective of that, we are in a better position to appreciate its truth.

Learning to be positive in this way is not easy in the midst of the trials we find ourselves in. But it is an essential part of our education as children of God.

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