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Christ in You

Colossians ch.1 v.26-27 refers to a great mystery kept hidden – but now revealed. This sounds exciting. Some sort of special secret knowledge. We all love mysteries – we like to be in the know; part of the inner circle who realise what’s really going on.

We don’t like to be kept in the dark – it’s stressful; it plays on our fears ¬†so our imaginations run riot and make our lives more miserable than if we’d been woken up from our happy ignorance by sudden disaster.

But there’s good news here – the secret’s out. The last page of the detective story has already been turned. Our heroes and villains have been unmasked as the convoluted tale of history is made clear.

The secret is no longer really secret Рunless you refuse to hear the good news and act on it. The secret Рlike all good denouements Рis so simple even a child could follow it. It cuts through the complexity like a sharp knife through a tangled knot.

The secret is…

You can experience the same quality and purpose in life as Jesus Christ. You can have the same intimate relationship with your Creator as He did. Not only that but, in working with Him in partnership you can play your own uniques part in bringing Christ’s healing ministry to your part of the world. You can exercise authority in bringing about God’s ultimate purpose – not only in your life, but extending His rule throughout your own community.

This is what the prophets saw and longed to be a part of.

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