Bible Verses

In the Beginning…

John’s Gospel opens up with a powerful statement that mirrors the start of the Old Testament.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

It becomes clear to us later in the passage that the Word referred to here is none other than Jesus Christ – the Word became flesh … dwelt among us … we have seen his glory. But why the Word?

Words have power. They give meaning, demonstrate character – communicate emotion, express truth; they create and tear down. They judge and lift up.

John chose his words carefully.

How could he express the inexpressible? How could he define a person, an event, an experience so all-encompassing that no book could ever completely frame and define what he felt?

As a word.

How could the Almighty communicate with us, translating the infinity of eternity into our material universe?

Through His Word.

The Word illuminates, defines, encapsulates who God is in a way that our fallible, finite minds can grasp at. We don’t see it all, but we see enough to know, to be certain.

We perceive enough of the infinite for Him to touch our intellect and enable us to experience eternity to the extent that we can cope with. It is enough to satisfy us and – by the nature of what we experience – simultaneously creates a longing in ourselves to share this insight, this power, this new perspective on life, love and destiny with all who will listen.

This is the power of the Word – it transforms, it creates, it renews. It awakens within us a desire to be in union with our Creator and His purpose and to emulate his redemptive work in our own spheres of influence.

For us, an encounter with the almighty through faith is a new beginning that begins and finds its completion in His Word.

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