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Staying positive – when you’re tired

John ch.4 v.6 is not a text you would expect to hear a preacher  on – they are far more likely to discuss the miraculous insight the Jesus had which disarmed a Samaritan woman’s scepticism and transformed her into a soul-winner. After all, that’s the main thrust of the passage.

But I take great encouragement from the sixth verse for a number of reasons.

It tells us that Jesus got tired – what an amazing revelation!

This is not to detract from His divinity – as our Divine Saviour, He temporarily laid aside His right to effortlessly overcome tiredness when He entered our world. He did so in order to show us how to live – to be our ultimate example.

Therefore, please note carefully; being tired is not a sin. You do not need to feel guilty about exhaustion. Jesus felt it too – and rested.

Secondly, being tired doesn’t mean that you have to put your spiritual face on and pretend you’re not. You can ask for help – whether it’s a refreshing cup of cold water or time and space to crash out and recharge. If you have a need, then say so.

Thirdly, it tells us that being tired doesn’t mean that God can’t use you in a powerful, miraculous way.  Yes, it’s inconvenient for God to break through when we’re least ready for it – but that’s His style. That way, you can be sure it was His intervention and not your own resources that brought about that miraculous transformation. Whether it’s finances being met, people being healed or lives being turned around through a discovery of God’s love – He can do it all without your assistance, even when you’re at you’re lowest ebb.

The best thing of all is that God will not put you in a position that you cannot handle. He will give you the strength to say no to a ministry opportunity that you don’t need. He has your best interests at heart and can be relied upon to bring you through your exhaustion better prepared when you are ready. His timing is perfect, even if our frustration at our own weakness threatens to overwhelm us. That is the time to rejoice, for we know we can do nothing but rest and let Him work without us impeding Him.

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