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Staying Positive – when there’s no answer to prayer

Luke ch. 18 v.1 introduces a couple ¬†of short parables about our attitude to prayer. Jesus’ matter of fact treatment of the subject is worthy of some consideration.

First – prayer is natural. Jesus assumes that we will pray; that we will want to pray; that we will wonder about if we’re doing it right. So, He addresses our concerns through telling a couple of stories to point out some important truth to us.

Secondly, a lack of instant answers is not a big deal. Jesus’ attitude is not one of, “Well, if you pray and your Heavenly Father does not immediately make the situation turn around so that all is fine for you again, then obviously you’ve done something really bad that you need to seek forgiveness for, or you’ve done it wrong and missed out some important-sounding words, or you just don’t have enough faith…”

Instead, He sees it as a natural part of the process of developing a relationship with God. We’re not spiritual failures, we’re God’s children, learning important truths about perseverance, love and God’s power – where His timing and His agenda for our growth are of great importance.

Thirdly, He assumes that we will persevere and that we will get an answer. We may not know how long it will be before we see Him intervene, but we can be certain that Jesus has confidence in us; that He is sure that we have what it takes to keep on until we do see an outcome to our persistent, faithful prayer.

If He has such great confidence in us, what more comforting reassurance can we get that we can, and we will see our difficulties through to a successful conclusion?

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