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Bible Verses to Build Faith (2)

Where building faith is concerned, understanding the message of the Bible is essential. Although it is true that all scripture is God-breathed and therefore useful for teaching us to be fully equipped for every good work (2 Timothy ch.3. v.16-17), some passages are more appropriate than others for building faith.

Consider the analogy of a tool-box. All of the items in it have a specific use. If you want to drive a nail into a piece of wood, you will find a hammer far more useful than a saw.

Similarly. If you want to develop a simple faith in Jesus as your saviour and gain a greater understanding of His role in transforming you into the person you are meant to be, an excellent starting point would be the Gospel of John.

If you are aspiring to move into church leadership and you need to build up your faith surrounding the possibility that God has set you apart to serve His people; a more appropriate place to begin an in-depth study would be the letters to Timothy and Titus.

The one thing not to do is to sit down and say to yourself, “I don’t know where to start,” and end up not reading your Bible at all. Fortunately for us, we have not been left alone. Within each of us who have dedicated our lives to serving Jesus, the Holy Spirit will work to guide us into truth and teach us what we need from the scriptures.

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