Bible Verses

The most important thing in the world

So, what is of the most importance to you? Where do your priorities lie? Is it to hold true to the calling or vision that God has given you – to be a person of integrity? Is it to be a success in stewarding earthly treasure, so that the Good Lord can entrust you with spiritual treasures?

Our perspective is not necessarily the same as God’s – it is far too easy for us to be distracted by the temporal – missing out on the big picture because we focus on just one small detail, blowing its importance out of proportion. We’re human after all. We make errors of judgement. We let ourselves and others down because of our limited vision.

In 1Corinthians ch.13 – we’re introduced to the most excellent way. We are reminded that spiritual gifts, social justice and a successful ministry do not occur in a vacuum. Without love, they are worthless, discordant, futile.

Are these things imporant? Only if their frame of reference is founded on a genuine love for God and for everything that He loves.

The criteria are high – but He doesn’t leave us there on our own.

We may not be able to see perfectly, but we can experience His perfect love. We may find it difficult to be faithful, but He has promised to never let us down. We may experience problems in discerning His will, hearing His voice, following His lead – but He has declared that He will not give up on us – He will faithfully, continually call out to us to inspire us to follow Him more closely.

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