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Bible Verses to Build Faith (1)

Faith, we’re told in 1Peter ch.1 v.7, is of greater value than gold. That makes sense – to many, faith is a guarantee to material prosperity. In reality, is is much more than that, but also transcends our physical and material needs or desires.

As Jesus put it, even a tiny measure of faith can produce outstanding, unbelievable results – essentially because faith does not depend or rely on human effort, but on the One who inspired and empowers it to achieve His purpose.

So, how do we build faith? What is the secret to developing a faith that moves mountains?

In essence, it depends on developing an intimacy with God, knowing His will and understanding His purpose. Then you are able to see events from His perspective, become aware of His plan and pray intelligently. You will be able to speak clearly about His will – revealed to you – without fear of presumption. Instead of speaking empty words – without power or conviction – concerning what you would like God to do on your behalf to make your life more pleasant; you will be able to highlight God’s unfolding revelation of what He will accomplish through you.