Bible Verses

An Encouraging Bible Verse on God’s Goodness

There are some things we can be absolutely certain of. For example, we can say with confidence that God has a plan for every single one of us.

He called you by His own goodness and has already given you everything you need in order to achieve all that He has called you to do.

To claim otherwise, we would first have to rip 2Peter ch.1 v.3 out of our Bibles.

Note, it says all – not some or a few of the things He has called you and set you apart to do.

Action is the key principle for us here. There are many promises that God has declared in the Bible. Take a look. But they will just stay there as ink on the page if we do not make the effort to find them, apply them and exercise faith in our lives to see them come to fruition.

The choice is essentially ours. God has done His part – as He is a good God, always faithful to His word through which He has chosen to reveal himself .

The good news is that we are not left on our own. As we begin to exercise faith, we find that He will work inside us to complete the task. Which is why it is essential to allow His word to motivate us into taking those first steps of faith in the direction of fulfilling His word – with confidence that even though we may not know how we will arrive at our destination, He will provide everything we need in order to do so.