Bible Verses

Inspirational Verses for Weddings – 1

Jesus was an invited guest at a wedding in Cana – you can read about it in John ch.2 v.1-11. It’s an interesting story for a number of reasons. John tells us this was the first public sign that Jesus performed to demonstrate that He is the Messiah.

To me it is interesting because Jesus shows two specific characteristics that you would expect of God:

  1. He provided the best
  2. He provided abundantly

There was no compromise on either quality or quantity. As His followers, He not only calls on us to be uncompromising in our generosity of spirit; He empowers us to do so.

There is one verse that people often seem to misquote. In verse 10 the chief steward says, “You have saved the best until…” Far too many people seem to think it should say ‘last’ – but it doesn’t. The Good Book says, “You have saved the best until now!” God doesn’t wait until the end to act. He is active now. God provides the best for us now – at the start of a wedding, at the birth of a child, while you’re driving to work. Wherever you are, God has provided the best for you now to be able to achieve everything He has called you to do.