Bible Verses

Men’s Health

The Bible has a great deal to say about our physical well-being. We’re told in 1Peter ch.2 v.24 that by Jesus’ wounds, received on the cross, we¬†have been healed. This is not merely a future hope for an afterlife, but a blessing we can experience now in our mortal bodies.

Of course, reality sets in. We live in a sin-sick, warped universe – its brokenness is evident to us and everyone else around us. We don’t always see an instantaneous, miraculous healing for our friends every time we pray for them. Quite the reverse.

But does that stop us from praying? By no means. It is discouraging, but that on its own is no reason to stop.

If we’re asked to explain why a friend isn’t healed on the spot, it’s best to be honest – tell the truth. We just don’t know. We could pontificate about hidden sin, a lack of faith, a spiritual battle against demonic forces or any other strategies used by Job’s friends to make themselves look good while concealing their cluelessness – but in the end, we have to confess; we just don’t see the bigger picture.

We may experience one dimension of reality. But there is a greater, richer, truer reality that undergirds and invades our experience. That is: the source of the miraculous – and we have intimate access to the One who is in authority over it all, as He seeks to bring our world inexorably into line with the eternal.

With that in mind we can be confident that our prayers are heard by an all-powerful God who cares about us and will intervene on our behalf in our best interests.