Bible Verses

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

For they shall see God.

Take a look at Matthew ch.5 to 7 – it’s been described as the Manifesto of the Kingdom of God, Jesus’ main teachings focussed into a single arrangement.

The Beatitudes at the start of the Sermon on the Mount turn the natural order of things upside-down. The meek inherit the earth – when the natural order in a dog-eat-dog world is that those who don’t thrust forwards and push themselves to the front of the line should get nothing – a true prisoner’s dilemma!

And again – the pure in heart see God? But, it was common knowledge that if you were to look on His face, you would die! After all – how can the finite comprehend the infinite and survive?

There’s the key! In order to be pure in heart, you must first die to your old life of self-centredness.

Then you will see the Almighty, recognise His hand on your life, see Him at work in others, experience his life-transforming power.

We cannot understand fully the magnitude of who He is, the experience overwhelms us – but we can appreciate the evidence of His work as we glimpse eternity for ourselves.