Bible Verses

An uncomfortable promise

We are always ready to accept nice gifts. Whether from people, or from God. So, when a friend tells you, “Look, here it is in the Bible, you’re promised health, wholeness, purpose and power,” we say, “great, I’m having a big slice of that. Thank you, Lord!”

However, there are other promises, unconditional guarantees from the Good Lord’s mouth that we might not be quite so ready to accept wholeheartedly. John ch.16 v.33 contains one of them.

“In this world, you will have trouble.” But I didn’t sign up for that, I signed up for the Kingdom of God package, being the head and not the tail, having influence and power because of my new relationship with my Creator!

That’s the point. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. The system of this world is in implacable opposition to it. There was no need to trouble you when you were under its control, but now that you are not, you feel the struggle keenly.

There is good news however. Jesus continues His promise by pointing out one important truth. This is not a battle between equals. We are not looking at an eternal match between to sides of the same coin. The world is created, finite and above all – temporal. Jesus, on the other hand, as eternal creator has infinitely greater resources at hand to bring all your troubles to a conclusion that glorifies Him and makes the source of your salvation clear.

That is the good news. Not that we won’t have trouble. We will, it’s guaranteed. But that whatever the world throws at us to bring us down will be turned on its head and be used to glorify the one who saved us as he brings you safely through it.